Devoted to Him Outreach
DEVOTED TO HIM Outreach® is a Christian service organization that is geared to assist the community in the need of help in areas to any population that might not otherwise have access to services such as Christian witnessing, services to the homeless where applicable, Bible study and ministering to ones spiritual need, and so much more.
Devoted to Him Outreach’s mission is to proclaim and continue the Lord Jesus Christ’s work so everyone will have access to the Good News about the wonderful grace of God and the message of REPENTING from sin, TURNING to the living God and having FAITH in our Lord Jesus Christ. Devoted to Him Outreach® seeks to teach, assist, feed, and encourage God's people and those who do not have a relationship with our God--in every aspect of ministry. Through this outreach's mission, may the living God by His grace build up everyone that comes to Him. Devoted to Him Outreach® promises to be a light from heaven to reveal God’s glory to the world that is found in Jesus Christ.